Up Front with Thomas “Tjockas” R

The final day of mYinsanity’s mod appreciation week features our last guest Thomas “Tjockas” R. A genuine fellow who does his best to help out streamers by keeping a clean and healthy chat atmosphere.  Let’s hear some of his story…


Please introduce yourself, and tell us a bit about you.
My name is Thomas, and my Twitch handle is Tjockas. I’m a 26 year old IT Tech who lives in Sweden. I currently moderate for QueenE, Pengwin_SC, Livibee, Vibelol and Temp0_sc. I am also a mod as well as an editor for BaseTradeTV, I am the one that for the last 8 months have been cutting VODs for him on Twitch.


What inspired you to become a mod and how did you get started?

For me it sort of just happened. I think I became a moderator on a whim, due to me donating some to a channel and the person modded me for being the first donor or something like that. Due to this I kind of felt that I had to take responsibility to keep the chat clean and help out in any way I could.


What was the biggest challenge when you began and how did you overcome it?
I think the biggest challenge for me in the beginning was after a timeout or a ban was handed out, to not instantly unban them because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. After enough unbans where people come back and just do the same thing again, I started to ignore those thoughts. You have to be fair, but stern, when it comes to moderating a channel.


Why do you do it?
I’m a friendly guy. I love to help out where I can, and helping to keep the chat clean is one of those things I can help out with. Getting a thank you from the channel owner always warms my heart.

…a streamer being active with chat is generally very good…


Are there any advantages to being a mod?
Other than the power to ban people? Not much. To be honest, I can’t really think of any right now.


How important is a good chat to the success of a stream?
It all depends on how you define a good chat. Some streamers are very successful with having no moderation, to let the chat do what it wants. Others are more into have a clean chat, no copy-pasta and they’re still successful, however a streamer being active with chat is generally very good. To interact with the chatters, makes them feel like they’re apart of the stream, instead of just observing.


Who has the best/worst chat?
Tough question. Personally I like small friendly streams. At the moment the ones I enjoy most are Pengwin_sc, Temp0_sc and QueenE. So for me those are the best ones. I can’t really say who has the worst chat since it all depends on how the streamer wants his/her chat to behave.


What are some suggestions for streamers to grow a good chat?
Interact with chat quite a bit, it makes the chatters feel apart of the stream. Have clear rules on what is allowed, and what is not. Keep your moderators up to date on what you think of the chat.


How much do streamers interact with their mods?
Not a whole lot, it all depends on the channel as well. Rifkin and Zombiegrub of BaseTradeTV interact with us mods quite a bit. If it’s just to chat in the mod chat on Skype, or giving us a shoutout on stream.

…all I want is a little appreciation…


Are there any kickbacks to mods from the streamer?
Not that I know of. As I’ve stated before, all I want is a little appreciation. A thank you here, a good job there, that keeps me going for a long time.


What is one chat feature you would like to see implemented in the future?

An option to see the last 10 messages sent by a chatter. Instead of just seeing “XXX has been banned from chat”, let us see if it really was a ban, or if it were a timeout, let us see for how long. Also maybe an option to see who did the banning (In case a mod goes rogue).


Any advice for someone looking to become a channel mod?
Stay active in chat, be helpful, and be friendly. If/when you become a mod, be fair and don’t be hesitant to ask your fellow moderators for advice.


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Thank you to all of our moderators that were featured this past week!  We greatly appreciate the time you took to show the other side of Twitch chat and what it takes to perform one of the most underappreciated jobs relating to streaming and broadcasting.

In the eSports world, it’s easy to get caught up in the allure of pro players, smooth talking casters, and entertaining streamers.  There are people out there who spend a lot of their time behind the scenes, and this week we say a big “Thank You!” to some of them.

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