Up Front with “ZealousZam”

Day four during mYinsanity’s mod appreciation week features “ZealousZam”.  A moderator who has worked hard at maintaining healthy relationships within Twitch and is now ready to share with you his story.


Please introduce yourself, and tell us a bit about you.
My name is ZealousZam, and I mod for many small channels but the most notorious channels I mod for are BaseTradeTV, Feardragon64 and Temp0.


 What inspired you to become a mod and how did you get started?
I never actually was an aspiring mod. When I was first appointed moderator in my life, I was in an IRC chat for a Canadian made show called Eskimo Bob. It was a flash cartoon, and a bunch of us created a community around the show and as a very tight knit crew it was incredibly easy to mod. I was made this channels moderator by being the first one in IRC.
On Twitch I was first given moderator status with Temp0. I supported Temp0 since the beginning of his streams, and one night while he was drunk he appointed me moderator because I was apparently “a top dog” as he put it. It was an honor to be his first fan made mod.
Even for BaseTradeTV I never aspired to be mod, I was modded because I was always around, supporting and having a good chat.
The only time I aspired to be mod was with Feardragon, where a simple “Mod Zam or riot” earned me that moderator.  Though I believe it’s also because of the friendly respectable relationship I have with Feardragon and possibly because he supports BaseTradeTV and Temp0 as much as I do.


What was the biggest challenge when you began and how did you overcome it?
My biggest challenge so far was seeing one of my friends become a drunken mod that made a personal joke and the streamer timed them out to give them time to think. Naturally, doing this de-modded them and they took it as an insult, and became incredibly toxic while deleting all of the bot’s custom commands.
I mediated the situation between the two and eventually unbanned him, but we don’t talk much any more.


Why do you do it?
Why do I mod? It’s the #passion! I mod because the streamers choo-choo-choosed me to be a leader of their community. There is nothing that is more satisfying than knowing that someone out there wants more of you in their channel.
Plus, not being able to be banned for making terrible jokes or Simpsons references isn’t a bad thing either.


…you can go from being a fan, to actually being a friend…


Are there any advantages to being a mod?
Well, I already mentioned the fact that I can say what I want without being timed out. There are very few other advantages which mods would often say that are dwarfed by the disadvantages. Allow me to extrapolate on my favorite advantage.
My favorite advantage is the ability to talk with the streamer – when they have time that is. You can go from being a fan, to actually being a friend. I definitely prefer to be called “Temp0’s friend” rather than “Temp0’s fan” but it’s a perk to know more about the streamers than most would get a chance to. It also means you’ll be more likely to get them to sign your chest or mouse pad at an event.


How important is a good chat to the success of a stream?
I’m likely controversial with a lot of mods on this one. What makes a good chat? What is a successful stream? Does copy pasta make a bad chat? Does a lack of insults make a good chat? I think the most important thing is to make the chat similar to the streamer who may be good or bad, it’s the community they are part of and attract. A streamer that can connect and be proud of his community provides better incentives to stream and be better for them.
Smaller streamers are more pressed for viewers, and often can take a more wide viewer base.


Who has the best/worst chat?
When I was an active fan of MaximusBlack #CanadaPryde #Novawarisbetter, his chat was pretty bad. Again, his chat matched his presence and it fed him providing him a good community.
I think Fenner has a pretty wicked chat though. #Kappa


What are some suggestions for streamers to grow a good chat?
I honestly have no advice for growing a good chat. I really suggest using Nightbot to block out any words that may set you off. Ex: the a word (avilo), the n word (nazi), the v words (viewbotting) It’ll make it a million times easier to administer the chat.


How much do streamers interact with their mods?
This depends upon the streamer. Rifkin is always busy doing things with BaseTradeTV, but he makes time when he can to ensure we’re doing well. Temp0 is always interacting with his mods – so much so that I had to step back and let more of his fans interact with him.
I know if I needed any streamer I moded for they would be there for me in a heartbeat! #friendship #loyalty #hashtagabuse


…I think I just compared becoming moderator to having sex…


Are there any kickbacks to mods from the streamer?
No. Absolutely not, nor would I want any. I don’t want money to drive my #Passion. I mod because I want to, not because it’s my job.


What is one chat feature you would like to see implemented in the future?
One chat feature eh? I think there are plenty of chat features already incorporated in the Twitch platform through the multiple chat addons you can use – which I don’t for the record. Original Twitch experience or riot, am I right?
I do yearn for a nostalgia ability from mIRC. I would like a button to slap people with trouts, except if this could be modified for the streamer. Take for example the HOI’s from Basetrade. If you could just push a button as a sub and automatically “HOI HOI HOI!” or a “Hot damn” or a “GG” that would be pretty pimp to make it funner/easier to interact with.


Any advice for someone looking to become a channel mod?
I suggest to follow in my methods. Be a boss. Be the best you can be. Be active. Be chatty. Be Zam.
Or make jokes and use Kappa a lot. Maybe.
I don’t recommending asking for moderator-ship unless the streamer is asking for mods. It’s the biggest turn off.  I think I just compared becoming moderator to having sex. To be fair that’s what it often feels like.


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