What a week it’s been with reasonable success in the GSL, WCS, and HomeStory Cup XI!

As the top submission in r/starcraft points out today, it was a reasonably “decent” week for the mYinsanity professional StarCraft 2 team.

It started off with an adequate GSL 2015 Season 2 Championship performance from Rain which you can read about here if you can stay awake long enough.  Although Rain was expected to do well in the tournament as he currently plays as Protoss, it was somewhat of a mystery how he managed to put his disastrous month of June behind him and push through.

Blysk made his usual run through the Oceania & South East Asian Qualifier to make it into WCS 2015 Season 3 Challenger.  Although it was not much of a challenge for Blysk as he worked his way back from the lower bracket facing obscure players such as EnDerr and PiG only to forfeit to teammate Petraeus in the finals, who was apparently signed up by mistake.  Here is what the two of them had to say about it…

“I was honestly just so involved in a HearthStone arena run I had begun earlier in the day, and found that my StarCraft games were getting in the way of my focus.  I decided to forfeit the final match against Petraeus so I could open all of the packs I had won, which seemed a lot more exciting.” – BlysK

“Little did I know, my older brother had used my ID to get a seed into the WCS Qualifier.  He hasn’t really played since WoL but given as he used to be top of his division in gold league, he qualified quite easily.  So I had to take time out of my weekend to beat some poor Australian kid and take his spot in Premier.  Quite unfortunate really.” – Petraeus

Finally this monotonous week came to a close with Rain once again winning an event, this time, it was HomeStory Cup XI.  It all started when team captain PengWin was asked to cast a few games for TakeTV on their “B Stream” which was presented by BaseTradeTV and “bring some friends, if you know any”.  Rain and Sacsri happened to be giving PtitDrogo a tour of the house at the time, so PengWin asked if they would be interested in killing an afternoon or two playing StarCraft.

Sacsri enjoying his ride back from HomeStory Cup XI

Having no translators at the event, Rain and Sacsri actually thought they were playing in some sort of bizarre StarCraft drinking game and began doing shots between matches.  PtitDrogo on the other hand knew what was happening and took the opportunity to perform well in front of his new team captain, making it into the Quarterfinals.

It was unfortunate however that PengWin didn’t get to see any of his games as he was busy selling lemonade at a roadside stand, taking advantage of the hot weather to make some extra cash.

In the end, the inebriated pair of Rain and Sacsri ended up meeting each other in the finals.  The alcohol had really kicked in at this point as the remaining games between the two left everyone at the event scratching their heads and asking themselves what had just happened.

After Rain had been handed the trophy he began blabbering something about StarCraft being his girlfriend and then was swiftly asked to leave only after he had taken a swing at HuK.


PtitDrogo had this to say about playing under the mYinsanity banner for the first time…

“I have no idea what’s happening around here.”

All in all, it was a rather “decent” week here at mYinsanity.  Here’s hoping I have something more exciting to write about when Dreamhack Valencia comes around.

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